Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poor Puppy

So I don't know if it is karma or if it is just my bad luck. 2 weeks ago my puppy(well, she's 4) went a little crazy in the snowstorm. She wound up waking up and not being able to move. We spent the morning in the vet and they did x-rays and gave us 12 pounds of medicine. Needless to say, she was back to her normal self the next day.

Today, at 3am, a certain little 4 legged girl woke me up by laying on my head. Her left ear was insanely infected so we sat on the living room floor until the vet opened. Well, I was right. Her left ear was incredibly infected as per the vet. SO yet again, we got 12 more pounds of medicine.

February just wasn't her month.....

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